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The Stone of Destiny:  A Fantasy Novel.  Morgan Izaak is obsessed with his father’s ancient books about the legendary Philosopher’s Stone; he’s even got a little alchemy lab set up in the church tower next door.  And when Morgan and his best friend, Eny, find out about another mysterious stone that may be hidden in their own town — the Irish Stone of Destiny, called Lia Fail — he’s determined to find it because he thinks it’s the last hope for someone he holds dear.  But Morgan’s not the only one looking for the Stone, and by the time the two kids realize there’s trouble afoot, Morgan has betrayed their friendship, strange creatures are loose in the land, and the Stone is lost … perhaps forever.  Published by David C. Cook.



God of the Fairy Tale:  Finding Truth in the Land of Make-Believe.  More than simple children’s literature, the most enduring stories are echoes of the greatest Story of all.  God of the Fairy Tale is a collection of reflections on the truths found in classic fairy tales, truths that point us to the ultimate Truth about God, redemption, and ourselves.  From Waterbrook/Shaw Books.



Finding God in The Lord of the Rings:  The Timeless Message of Tolkien’s Classic Trilogy (co-written with Kurt Bruner).  This book explores the deep connections between Earth and Middle-earth — and inspirational truths pointing to God’s work in the world.  Filled with insights into the powerful faith that fueled Tolkien’s imagination.  Tyndale House Publishers.



Finding God in the Hobbit:  On Pilgrimage With Mr. Baggins.  With a simple hobbit in a simple hobbit-hole, J. R. R. Tolkien opened the window on a whole new world that has captured millions of people’s imagination and changed the face of literature forever.  But this story of unexpected adventure is far more than goblin attacks, dragon-hoards, and riddles in the dark.  It’s a journey that changes a simple hobbit named Bilbo — and us — along the way.   Also from Tyndale.



Finding God in the Land of Narnia:  Exploring the World Beyond The Wardrobe (co-written with Kurt Bruner).  For over sixty years adults and children alike have stepped through the wardrobe, and their imaginations have been baptized in C. S. Lewis’s mystical world of wonder and enchantment.  This book offers surprising new insights into the deeper meaning of these stories.  As the great lion, Aslan, says about our brief sojourn through the land of Narnia:  “By knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.”  Tyndale House Publishers.



Shedding Light on His Dark Materials:  Philip Pullman’s Fantasy Masterpiece Seen from a Different Point of View (co-written with Kurt Bruner).  Like his fellow Oxford residents, J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, Pullman brings fascinating new worlds to life in his best-selling fantasy series.  Yet the differences between his universe and those of Tolkien and Lewis are stark.  This book reflects on the deeper themes of this popular trilogy while offering reasoned responses to the charges Pullman levels against Christianity.  It also uncovers spiritual elements that, like shafts of light, break through an otherwise gloomy universe — despite Pullman’s best efforts to keep them out.  Tyndale House.


The Purpose of Passion:  The Theology of Romantic Love (co-written with Kurt Bruner).   Journey through The Divine Comedy to learn what Dante Alighieri, one of the most influential Christian poets of all time, reveals about love in his literary masterpiece.  Discover the secrets it contains about passion, romance, and spirituality — and how they are all connected.  No matter where you find yourself on love’s journey, The Purpose of Passion will lead you on an adventure to discover God’s ultimate desire for your heart.


Amazing Grace

Finding God in the Story of Amazing Grace:  John Newton, William Wilberforce, and Their Incredible Shared Journey of Faith (co-written with Kurt Bruner).  Eighteenth-century England was blind to the evils of slavery, but one man was determined to make his country see.  Another man set in a wicked career was transformed by God’s amazing grace and went on to pen one of the most beloved hymns of all time.  Through the captivating true stories of William Wilberforce, a crusading politician, and John Newton, a notorious slave trader, this book uncovers God’s hidden agenda in the details of history.  Tyndale House Publishers.

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I also have limited supplies of every title which I can sell to interested parties for $10.00 a copy (free shipping).  Send inquiries to Jim Ware at

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  1. So thankful to get to see more of what you have written. I have a blog started under Hope you will get a chance to visit there. More photos than I have had time to write words to describe.

    Looking forward to delving into your words

    I have been trying to read Pilgrims Progress and draw simple pictures to capture each chapter in my mind so I especially appreciated your drawing as I dance on down this wild trail of my life.

    Still working on our book called “Singing Down the Trail of Life” so I am particularly delighted to see all the books you have published now.

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