The Establishment

“The notion that this world, and the powers of it, are in the grip of evil, is too well established in Christian teaching to be lightly disregarded …

“By ‘the world’ I mean what the Church has always meant by ‘the world’ — and this surely includes the official and respectable earthly set-up, the thing ruled over by the Powers-that-be; indeed (there is no escaping the word) what we now call ‘the Establishment.’  This needs to be said, for we have now sufficiently secularized our minds to be in the habit of viewing the social and political set-up in which we are involved as something wholly, or largely, good in the eyes of God …

“… The Church can never truly ally itself either with our materialistic Conservatism or our materialistic Socialism.  For the Church is up against the Establishment.  It always was.”

                 — Harry Blamires, The Christian Mind    

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