Poet's Corner 001



I’ve seen your books and your magazines,

I’ve seen your newspaper articles,

I’ve seen those programs on TV.

I heard the things you said to me,

You tried so hard to set me free

With all your propaganda … 


You exercise manipulation,

You try to indoctrinate the nation

With all your little tricks on Madison Avenue.

Well, now I got some things to say to you,

‘Cause I know just what you’re tryin’ to do

With all your propaganda …


What will you do, my friend,

When you find that you’ve come to the end?

When your lies and your tricks are played out

And your ultimate ending’s in doubt?

You’re gonna see the sky opening wide,

You’re gonna see the Son of Man descending on cloud –

And what will you say when you come to the Judgment Day?


‘Cause in the name of modern practicality

You sacrificed your sense of reality,

You started talkin’ ‘bout the New Morality –

But it’s just another way to say plain indecency,

And now you’re tryin’ to push it off on me

With all your propaganda … 


* * * * * * * * * * *

(Another Levellers song …)

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