Notes from Underground

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My own picture of the future is that our society is going in the next decades to be totally non-Christian; I mean its institutions, everything about it, will lose whatever relationship they now have with Christian religion. Then, I think, there will be people, in the very stressful circumstances that are likely to arise, who will still want to live as Christians, and I think they are much more likely to find themselves in the position of a Christian underground, a sort of maquis. I imagine the forces of paganism occupying our world, and the Christians drawn together in those conditions, rather as I remember surviving Christians in the U.S.S.R., who appealed to me very much. They seemed to me to be enormously pure – simply a collection of people who, in extremely hostile circumstances, clung to their faith, and tried to cling to their Christian way of life. This might easily happen, and I hope that if I were still alive, I should be among those people.

— Malcolm Muggeridge, Jesus Rediscovered (1969)

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