It’s Getting Very Near The End

Sgt. Pepper's Detail 001

Dear Friends,

Only one chapter and a short epilogue remain of The Sword of Paracelsus.  I’m not sure what will happen when it’s finished at last … though I have seriously considered taking Pilgrimagination “off the air” at that time.  Any thoughts or reactions?  Or as my friend Charles Carr used to say, “Is this microphone on?”

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6 thoughts on “It’s Getting Very Near The End”

  1. Jim, Don’t take Pilgrimagination off the air! I just got here (thanks to Terri Moon). I’m enjoying wandering around, opening the various doors, walking down different lanes of this site. But of course, you should do what you need to do.

    1. Greg — thanks so much for that encouraging word! I appreciate it, and it makes a big difference. — Jim

  2. The mic is on in my room! I enjoy reading this. Even if it’s just a place to unleash your creativity, whenever you so choose, and if you enjoy, then post on!

  3. Hi Jim, I love your story writing. I don’t always understand the other writing, but respect your writing ability and so I read those also. I have never felt the ability to write more than parodies for anything, so I greatly admire that you write these stories. I don’t know if it is energy draining, so if you need a ‘vacation’ from this part of your life, I’m hoping all your readers would understand, and I do understand that since I probably overdo some of my personal activities. If you continue writing, now or after a break, please continue to forward the stories to me. I enjoy them very much. Your writing style has drawn me in and somewhere in the computer are all the parts, so I am able to go back and reread if I think I skipped a part. Your writing is a gift. Thank you for sharing it.

    Sincerely, Helen Withers

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