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Bewildered: Postscript


In certain respects the discussion following my last post seems to have veered off topic and into the weedy realm of politics, as was almost guaranteed to happen.  I have already made it clear that I am not interested in politics.

My old pal James Jones says, “I don’t think I know anyone who likes him, but when put next to Hillary …?”  The answer to this is simple:  If you don’t like him, don’t support him.  You don’t have to support any of these people.  You are free not to participate.  There is another way, as Terri Moon indicated in her reference to “a different kingdom.”


Please do not misunderstand the following as the expression of a political perspective on my part.  I detest politics.  Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative — it’s all bosh as far as I’m concerned.  My problem is that I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can find anything to “like” about a person who can only be described as a coarse, crude, crass, cruel, unfeeling, greedy, materialistic, power-hungry, egotistical megalomaniac; a loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed, self-aggrandizing, blustering, boasting, bullying braggart; a willfully ignorant, cheerfully unlettered, anti-intellectual boor; a philanderer, an adulterer, and a debauchee.  “Baffling” is the  only word that comes to mind.

Posting the First


Pilgrim 2 001

Dear Reader:

To any and all who chance to stumble upon this, the first of what I hope to be many future installments, my message today is simple:  “To every thing there is a season,” and “All good things come to him who waits.”

Quod scripsi scripsi, quod scribo scribo, et quod volo scribere scribam.   That which is past cannot be changed, and there is no telling what may be yet to come.

To those who are sufficiently interested to wonder what happens next, I can only say, “Patience.  Watch, wait, and observe.”

Many things that have not emerged may yet be in the making …