Thinking Christianly

” … Try the following experiment.  Take some topic of current political importance.  Try to establish in your own mind what is the right policy to recommend in relation to it; and do so in total detachment from any political alignment or prejudice; form your conclusions by thinking christianly.  Then discuss the matter with fellow-members of your congregation.  The full loneliness of the thinking Christian will descend upon you.  It is not that people disagree with you.  (Some do and some don’t.)  In a sense that does not matter.  But they will not think christianly. They will think pragmatically, politically, but not christianly.  In almost all cases you will find that views are wholly determined by political allegiance.  Though he does not face it, the loyalty of the average Churchman to the Conservative Party or the Labour Party is in practical political matters prior to his loyalty to the Church.”   

— Harry Blamires, The Christian Mind