“Public opinion surveys always reveal that people have opinions even on the most complicated questions, except for a small minority (usually the most informed and those who have reflected most).  The majority prefers expressing stupidities to not expressing any opinions:  this gives them the feeling of participation.”

                    — Jacques Ellul, Propaganda  

The Problem of Loyalty

“It might be argued that the problem of loyalty is the key problem of our age …

“Loyalty may be said to be evil in the sense that if any action is defended on the grounds of loyalty alone, it is defended on no rational grounds at all.  ‘I do this out of loyalty to my party’ is irrational and amoral unless it is consequent upon, ‘My party is operating wholly and in every particular for the benefit of the human race.’  ‘I do this out of loyalty to my leader’ is irrational and amoral unless it is consequent upon, ‘My leader’s character, or purpose, or policy is such that it ought to be supported.’  Loyalty in itself is not a moral basis for action.”

                  — Harry Blamires, The Christian Mind 

Current Events

“Neither past events nor great metaphysical problems challenge the average individual, the ordinary man of our times.  He is not sensitive to what is tragic in life; he is not anguished by a question that God might put to him; he does not feel challenged except by current events, political or economic …

“A man caught up in the news must remain on the surface of the event; he is carried along by the current, and can at no time take respite to judge and appreciate; he cannot stop to reflect.”

                                     — Jacques Ellul, Propaganda